Látomás 0 8-0 9. Hotel The Designers Seoul Station, Szöul – legfrissebb árai

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Ingyenes WiFi 7,7 Love how convenient it is. Exit 10 of Sookmyung Uni station is right infront of the hotel. And the bus to the airport is just 4 min away. Just its not that soundproof so I heard some unwanted noise in the hallway but other than that, its fine. Hameza Malajzia Location is great, easy to access from the airport via airport bus or the látomás 0 8-0 9.

There is an elevator from the subway right outside the entrance of the hotel.

The beds are really comfy and the bath tub is really nice as well. Nadiah Szingapúr The room is clean, the hotel is just right outside exit 10 of Sookmyung Women's uni station. And the hotel provided me with early check in!

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Diana Szingapúr The minimalist styling was very nice and clean. Bed was comfortable, and all furnishings were new.

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Marcos Japán The location was very good -- especially if you headed toward the women's university. A long street of amazing restaurants and cafes. The staff were super helpful emberi látás 0 01 friendly.

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They had a nice, hand-written English map showing where to eat during "normal" hours as well as a handy map for hour shops. The room was quite a bit bigger than the business hotels that Látomás 0 8-0 9 am used to but still cozy-ish.

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Matt Japán We arrived at almost látomás 0 8-0 9 Told us where to go to eat and get local currency. Would definitely stay again.

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Rooms and who hotel very clean. John Egyesült Királyság Once you're settled, the location is quite convenient, literally outside exit 10 of Sookmyung Women's University line 4 subway station.

The room was clean and quiet.

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Although the price was higher e. Busan or Daegu, we thought it was justified considering it's Seoul. There is a big shopping center called Yongsan to the south with an e-mart supermarket. Walking there takes around min.

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